Two new Guidances on odour management in Victoria, Australia

epa victoria guidances   The Odour Special Interest Group (OSIG) of CASANZ has recently sent a newsletter commenting that the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA Victoria) has released two new publications in the lead up to the Environment Protection Act 2017 that are effective since 1st of July 2021. 

   The first guidance deals with biofilter design and maintenance and has the title EPA Publication 1880: Biofilter design and maintenance. This guide provides information for industry, consultants and assessors on how biofilters can be constructed and operated. The second guidance provides three methodologies to carry out field inspections. The EPA Publication 1881: Guidance for Field Odour Surveillance provides a recommended approach for conducting odour surveillance to evaluate the extent, source and frequency of odour emissions.

 This guidance on biofiltration not only deals with typical biofilter operations but also operational problems and how to assess biofilter performance. This document includes design and management parameters important in biofilter operation and typical operational ranges for key parameters including temperature, humidity and back pressure.

  On the other hand, the methods proposed in the guidance for field odour surveillance are more focused on environmental officer enforcement work, as compared to the EN 16841 parts 1 and 2, but it might be also used by applicants for EPA Victoria or council permissions, planning professionals and consultants.

  This guidance incorporates odour surveillance methods, including area surveys, line (or transect) surveys and plume tracing. In addition, it provides instructions for gathering evidence when making odour observations. Finally, this document allows data collected using these three methods to be used as part of an overall odour risk assessment.


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