The 8th Meeting of the group dealing with the updating of the Standard EN 13725 took place in Amsterdam

mr ogink explaining uncetainty2 

  The 8th meeting of the group dealing with the revision of the EN 13725 took place in Amsterdam at the begining of June. Some important issues have being discussed.

   This time the list of participants was not as large as in previous meeting. Just 15 people met in Amsterdam. However the list of actions approved was really high, as 23 actions were taken.


   Regarding the title and scope of the norm it was discussed to include some items related to odour emission rates. In addition, there were some some discussions about the need of taking field blanks during a sampling campaign and about making it compulsory or not.

 Following some technical talks hold in Copenhagen and Barcelona, there were some discussions about the appropriate materials to be used in olfactometers.

  Other very important points discussed were the use of multi odorant reference materials and how this materials could help for the determination of the uncertainty using interlab and intralab approaches. Looks like a method to set EROM values will be soon proposed.

   After this meeting, plenty of work is still ahead as 22 further tasks were presented. The Working Group agreed to hold its next meeting on 21st October and 22nd October 2015 in Antwerp (Belgium).